Thursday, May 29, 2014

4th Grade Pastel Pumpkins

A Wonderful Still Life Project in the Fall

Materials Needed:
Black Construction paper (I cut them into 17x17" squares)
Chalk and Oil Pastels
White glue

Day One: 
We discussed what a still life is and looked at examples
I demo how to draw a pumpkin that looks more 3D and less flat (they love this part)
Using pencils students draw their pumpkin still life on their black paper. They are urged to draw large and fill up the space.
When done, students use white Elmer's glue to trace over the pencil lines
I show the class how they should not make thin lines of glue, or have dashes in the glue line, 
the lines need to be solid and "plump" without creating puddles or globs.
Lay flat to dry.

Day Two:
I demo how to blend oil pastels and also how to create highlights and shadows on the pumpkins
This year we used oil pastels on the pumpkins and chalk pastels for the sky
but I have done similar projects like this using only chalk pastels as well.
I also demo how to blend colors in the sky using chalk pastels.
Students work independently until finished. And boy are they amazing!


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