Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Adaptive Art Projects!

Spring Flowers

I like to give my Adaptive Art students lots of different art making materials. For this project we used a sponge cut into a flower petal shape (RED) a circular sponge stamper (BLUE) and another little sponge tool that was rectangular (PURPLE) **HOWEVER** The fun part was how we began... we used a balloon that was blown up small enough to fit into a hand, and stamped the yellow for the middle of the flowers first. Then they created all the different petals. Students then finished by creating green leaves using a special Adaptive Art paint brush that is shaped so that it can be easily gripped. Aren't they wonderful? :)

Practicing names

First students used sponge rollers to create a fun background using metallic paint. (Day 1)
I poured out all the foam letters on a big black piece of paper so they could easily see them. Students had to find each letter of their first and last names one at a time and glue them down. This was good practice for many of my students. Most can spell out their first names but the last names we are still working on. 
When we were finished, I let them glue on some pom poms and other foam shapes. 

MONOPRINT Accordion Books

6th graders were learning about Monoprints, so this is what my Adaptive Art class made. 
I taped off a 6x6" square on the table for each student. (I only have 4) 
We poured a little blob of Ivory soap directly onto the table inside the square and then added a few drops of paint. (One color)
Students spread the paint and soap mixture around to fill the square, then used their fingers to draw onto the surface of the mixture. 
Students then took a 6x6" piece of drawing paper, placed it over the painted area and rubbed on the back of the paper to transfer the paint from the table to the paper. 
We did this process 2-3 times, each time switching colors. 
On Day 2, we glued the two prints to one side of a 6x6" piece of cardboard then folded some paper accordion style and glued it to the inside to create a book! Students then drew inside their books :)

 Bubblegum Machines

 For this project we used "Do-a-Dot Art" markers. They had to write their own numbers and help with the gluing.

A good stand by.... GLITTER! (And liquid watercolors!!)

Liquid watercolors are so wonderful in Adaptive Art. The top project was created on colored paper with liquid watercolor and a large paint brush. Students can choose their own colors and just go for it! After they were satisfied with their painting, we added glue over the top and then... GLITTER! I know glitter is messy, but it is really magical to these little kiddos. They love using glitter!

The bottom project was made on watercolor paper. Students again created a painting using liquid watercolors then colored over the top of this using oil pastels. Oil pastels are also a great media for these guys! Isn't this one just gorgeous!?! I love the spontaneity of it, the colors he chose, and the rhythm and lines!

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