Thursday, May 29, 2014

5th Grade Winter Fox Paintings

ARRRGH! I FORGOT to take pictures of many of these before sending them home this year!! They were SO beautiful! Many compliments on these guys during the art show this year. 

We had more snow days this year than ever before! (Our school is going until June 2nd to make up the days!!) So I decided to make a winter/snowy themed project. I've seen a lot of projects with red cardinals in a snow scene, so I wanted to do something different. This was the outcome. WINTER FOX!

I demoed first how to create different shapes that could be used for the head and face. Then how to create different positions for the body. We also discussed Foreground, Middle Ground, and Background in this project as well as how to create the illusion of space. (Placing things higher towards the top of the page, overlapping, and size.) 
The trees and fox together created foreground, middle ground and background.
We began painting the sky area, where I showed students how to create MOVEMENT using short quick brush strokes like Van Gogh! The outcomes were great! After everything was painted, we created falling show using either the tip of a small brush or the back end of the paint brush. *BEA-UTIFUL!*


  1. These are rad! I pinned it to possibly use next year.

  2. Thank you Zach! I wish I had more pictures. They are really something special!

  3. I love these paintings! Your students did an amazing job. I will definitely be doing this project next year-they are so charming. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just came across these and your blog via Pinterest. Love them!

  5. Did you do these with Acrylics?