Thursday, March 6, 2014

4th Grade Blue Dogs

BLUE DOG!!!!!!!

The FAVORITE every year! This is the only project I always repeat. We begin by looking at at powerpoint over the artist George Rodrigue. (Comment with your email and I will send you my powerpoint.)
Then we read the book, "Why is Blue Dog Blue?" written by George Rodrigue

I demo how to draw Blue Dog then ask students to create a theme!
At the bottom of these pictures you can see that I have attached a piece of paper, these are the sentences the students wrote on the back of their paintings.
"When I think of _______ I paint Blue Dog ________."
Ex: When I think of going to the movies I paint Blue Dog like a super hero!
Ex: When I think of Pizza, I paint Blue Dog Pizza Sauce Red."


  1. please send me the powerpoint! very cute, :)

  2. please send me the powerpoint! very cute, :)

  3. So cute! I would love the powerpoint :-) THANKS!

  4. Hi! I'm a couple of years late, but I love this! Just found it. I would love your power point if it is still available..