Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some GREAT Supplies for Adaptive Art Students!

Here are a few things I like to use with my Adaptive Art students:

-There are many things you can do with a standard sponge to create a free supply! I get these from the custodian. I have cut them into different shapes such as the flower petals seen here. Also using a clothes pin to pinch a small strip of sponge between will create an interesting rectangular shape when stamped.
-Color Defusing paper is a MUST! They love to watch the colors spread and the designs are very exciting.
-Liquid watercolor is another go to for me. It can be used in so many ways!
-I also buy foam shapes and letters for them to practice spelling their names and to discuss colors and shapes.  
-Another freebee is a cardboard tube with bubble wrap over the top. This makes a very fun stamping tool with interesting texture!

What supplies have you used that work really well for you? PLEASE SHARE! :)

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