Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adaptive Art: "I Spy"

"I Spy..."

This project was one of those projects that you think up and then think to yourself... "I am SO clever!" hehe. I wrote the short "I Spy" poem at the top. Then students had to find the objects described. This project was genius... (I must say...heh heh) 
It combined counting, colors, shapes, textures, and deeper levels of thinking. They had to "hunt" for the  objects scattered over the table top. And there were MANY different outcomes. For example, "Something shiny and silver" could be a paper clip, silver glitter, a silver ribbon, sequin etc. 
They had a lot of fun with this project. 
Side note: The "Splatters of green and blue" were made with powdered paint... something I have not had much use for! I sprayed the paper with a spray adhesive to make it sticky... although I had to re-glue many objects later. However, it was well worth the little added work. 

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