Thursday, March 6, 2014

4th Grade Proporitons of a Face/ Egyptian Portraits

4th Grade Egyptian Style Portraits

This project was done after a long lesson over the proportions of a face. I wish I could post that lesson because the results from before and after are AMAZING! But its just too long. Maybe I'll post a video of me teaching it one day?? Hmmm...

So these were created after learning how to draw facial features in the frontal view as well as correct facial proportions. They outlined the drawing with sharpie then colored with crayons. They finished by painting a tint in the background. This was the first project we got any paint out for, so this was a good stepping stone for learning things like, how to create a tint, how to use good craftsmanship with paint, and how to clean up the pallets and brushes. (I teach 4-6 grade art, so this is their first year learning my clean up rules.) 

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