Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adaptive Art: The Splendor of Color

Color Defusing Paper... A Must Have for Adaptive Art

If you have never used color defusing paper, you MUST try it! The results are wonderful and it can be used in so many ways! For this project we folded the paper into a square, triangle or a random shape, and dipped the corners into liquid watercolors (another must have for Adaptive Art!) Some started to dip the corners into multiple colors which then created new colors! I love when students do things that I hadn't thought of! I also used paper clips to hold the folded paper together. When we opened them up the students were so excited to see what they had created! 
They also have pre-cut shapes of this paper. I chose sea life this year and students added liquid watercolor using liquid droppers. 
One caution--they will be ruined if they get wet. I hung some in the halls and a leaky ceiling ruined a couple of these. 

Here's a link to the color defusing paper. 

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